Raleigh Smart Controller Installation

a Raleigh smart controller installation done rightAre you one of those people who gets to work, parks, and walks in the door only to have a sudden realization that you left the sprinklers on – and your commute is 45 minutes? Rest assured that you're not the only forgetful person in the universe, and that there's a simple solution to your sprinkler problem: a smart controller.

Smart controllers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and with various different bells and whistles attached. You can get a smart controller with a digital readout or touch screen, and even one with a rain sensor so that your system automatically shuts off when it detects a certain threshold of moisture in the air or ground. If you're looking for a way to set it and forget it, then you should consider installing a smart controller for your home.

What Can a Smart Controller Do for You?

Jim shows the client how to set the smart controllerThere are quite a few ways in which a smart controller comes in handy. We frequently tell our customers about the following benefits of a smart controller:

  • Set it and forget it – never worry about leaving the sprinklers on accidentally again
  • Program the schedule that works best for you and your climate
  • Save water and make your home more eco-friendly
  • Customize the run time for your sprinklers to keep a green lawn without wasting water
  • Water each zone for different durations and at different times of day for ultimate convenience

If you're convinced that a smart controller is the thing you need for your home or business, then you need to call our Raleigh sprinkler team ASAP. We'll help you to pick out the right smart controller for your needs, and can order and install it for you as soon as it arrives in our warehouse. What are you waiting for? Call us now!